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Web Design Trends What To Expect From 2017

This year we have already seen a plethora of web design trends. Here we discuss them in more detail and attempt to make prediction of what we expect to see in the future.


Designs that look fairly sporadic are what we are to be expecting this year. So far we have already seen a rise in asymmetry. A lot of designs are starting to break the rules of composition. Opening up their designs and stripping them back to a very geometric design. Shapes, colours and contrast. These may seem like themes that we have seen for years but in fact in more recent years web design has become structured and rigid. That’s not to say we haven’t seen some extremely creative designs. In general though web design has begun to follow a pattern. This year we are beginning to see a break away from this tradition.


We have recently begun a study into typography and its importance with regards to graphic and web design. It is hugely important to a brand or organisation to have the right typography. This year we are expecting to see more use of serif font.

There has also been a rise in embellished fonts, starting with an already established style of font and making your own twist on it. Literally. A lot of typography has been stripped to the bare bones and put back together, like the fonts are being treated like tubes. Combined with the geometric theme, typographer is richer than it has ever been.

Web Design Trends Where Less Is More

Complicated Minimalism

Gone are the days when a minimal web site was a white background with a bold font. Now the designs that are considered minimalist are becoming extremely detailed. That is not to say that minimalism is dead, in fact we believe that it is evolving, changing into a necessary art. Trying to minimalist and stand out from the crowd can be a difficult task but there are designers out there that are doing some wonderful designs within the realm of minimalism.

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