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Rankings Dropped? We have the solution and Prevention Techniques for You

The thought of losing your rankings is a terrifying one. We know it is not something you would like to think about but having your rankings dropped by google could happen. If you are not using the correct procedures. Having your rankings dropped to very low or even zero in some cases is devastating. Here at Monkfish we have some helpful tips to fix any underlying issues you may be having with your site.

On-page Violations

  • first of all if your site has been hack google have a very detailed list of what you can do to recover the site.
  • Spam? You will need to go through the pages on your site that allow people to comment and post their own content. Sometimes one of these user generators can be creating spam content on your site and they may need to be taken down. It would probably also be a good idea to implement spam preventing software.
  • Unnatural links – These will be paid for links or links are part of a link exchange. Larger sites that have been active for a long time it could be difficult to find the source causing your rankings dropped.

Lost Links

  • Not only can acquiring new, unnatural links affect your rankings but so can losing links. Losing high quality links can jeopardise you rankings as well. Therefore, If your site already doesn’t have a lot of links losing high quality links can be detrimental.

Always Audit Your Website For Spam

  • You can check why your rankings dropped from the lost link with software. We recommend SEO Spyglass. They can easily summarise the backlinks you have and tell which links are going up and down.
  • Reclaim – You can always reclaim the link through the webmaster. If you have a close relationship with the links owner you can always call and resolve the issue. If not you may have to just email them.

Negative SEO

  • This type of SEO is a campaign aimed at reducing competitor’s rankings. For example, sending spammy links to their site, sometimes it can amount to hacking the site. The success rate of these campaigns are far and few between.
  • However, should they be successful in having your rankings dropped, your best remedy to this issues is to disavow the backlinks. This can be a lengthy process depending on how many links they have put to your site.
  • Most noteworthy way you can prevent this from happening with a regular backlink audit. This will help you check the links you have and fish out any spammy links you see being put your way.

In conclusion, we hope these tips have been helpful in prevent or fixing your dropped rankings. No one likes to think about having their rankings dropped but it is a probability. Especially for high ranking websites, depending on the back up you have in place, you could be an easy target from competitors.

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