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Internet Lessons Report By House Of Lords

The House of Lords has made a statement saying that children should be taught how to use the internet. Internet lessons, as they are now being dubbed, should be implemented into education. They say that this is because a lot more of the world has been focused online.

The report that the House of Lords released states that they believe lessons such as these are as important as reading and writing. They believe that the lessons should be focused on online responsibility, risks and what is acceptable behaviour online.

How Internet Studies Benefit Our Children

Committee chairman Lord Best stated that the internet is “hugely beneficial” but children do need to be aware of the hazards that the internet encompasses. Many people believe that these lessons are the key to educating children about being safe online.

Harmful Material

Since, a lot of harmful material exists on the internet which can corrupt a young impressionable mind. It is important to teach children how to use the internet safely and appropriately.  Whether it is fake news articles or online forums, children can be sucked into a dark web on the internet. Teaching the right tools and places to search can be very beneficial.


Honestly, we think these lessons are a great idea. They will help children not only navigate safely through the world of the internet but they will help them with other skills. Furthermore, proficient in the art of using online tools will be very helpful to them in the future. When it comes to careers a lot of businesses are focusing their efforts online.

Developing online stores, applications, online gaming and loads more. There are plenty of job opportunities online. Working with the internet will only make their prospects better for their future.

Not only would this be beneficial in the child’s development it would be beneficial to the development of applications and technology. As a result, it would mean that we would have more creative, more focussed minds working on developing online materials for the future.

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