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Instagram Hacks For Your Business

Instagram offers so many Instagram hacks, its just finding the right ones for you. If your Instagram page is for your business these tips will be very helpful. We have Instagram hacks for your search history, recent likes and much more to keep your inspirations fresh.

All Post You Like

Finding inspiration for your brand can be hard, try looking at your own likes. We have the perfect Instagram hacks for you. You can view the last 300 posts you have liked. This will show you what stands out to you and therefore what will stand out to your audience. Capturing people’s attention is key to doing well on Instagram. If you don’t know how to view your last 300 likes. It’s simple.

  1. Go to profile
  2. Tap gear of three dots, depending on the type of phone you have. Go to options.
  3. Click posts you like

It really is that simple. The only thing to note about this feature is that it is only available on mobiles. If you want to see a list of recently liked posts on your computer or laptop it is possible. If you a social media multi-platform it is highly possible to add you Instagram account and include a like stream. This stream will show you all your recent likes but only on that platform.

Instagram Hacks Developing Fresh Ideas

Search History

As a regular Instagram user, you will probably notice that Instagram saves your searches. It will show you the most recent terms you have searched. This is great if you had searched a tag and wanted to remember it. However, if you want to start a fresh we know the hack for you.

  1. Go to profile
  2. Go to options
  3. Scroll to the bottom and clear history

You can also block other accounts from coming up again. This will permanently block the account. These Instagram hacks work on other features as well. You can also do this for hashtags and even locations. It will give a more narrowed search and help you stick to the inspiration and likes you really want.

Save Posts

We have all been in the situation where you’ll be scrolling through Instagram and come across a posts you wish you could’ve saved. Well now you can. Instagram has come up with it’s own Instagram hacks by adding a saved feature. It is not every well known but this feature will let you save posts to your profile. However, only you can see them. If you have found the perfect post and want to keep it safe from your competitor this is the feature you have been waiting for.

Hopefully these Instagram hacks have been helpful and will keep you on top of Instagram trends. This will keep you ahead of your competitors and help you device a creative Instagram brand.

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