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Technical SEO Trends For 2017

In the last couple of years the value of technical SEO has had a lot of ups and downs, depending on whom you ask. Some say that technical SEO was just business makeup. It has even been proclaimed to be dead in the water. However, as 2017 comes into shape, it is increasingly evident that technical SEO is not only alive and well, but is still resulting in a lot of major boosts in website traffic to those who use it.

Since technical SEO is alive and well, here are some of the best tips for taking advantage of SEO. While some of these tips have been relevant for a long time, others are fresh new takes on the subject.

Technical SEO Advantages To Come

Here are the top tips for taking advantage of technical SEO:

Make Important Resources Crawlable

When checking the crawlability of your site you may be tempted to just sort through the robots.txt, however this does not give an accurate representation of the truth. Using an SEO crawler is the perfect way to get a list of all blocked pages. In 2017, it is crucial to make sure that your site, and resources are all crawlable.

Improve and test page speed

Page speed has become one of the top priorities for Google and technical SEO in 2017. This means that you should be testing the load time of your pages with Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool. If some of your pages do not pass the speed test, this tool gives you all of the how-to-fix recommendations for improving the speed.

Get Mobile Friendly

Google has announced that in 2017 they are going to start indexing mobile-first. This means that mobile websites will be indexed instead of their desktop versions. This means that the mobile version of your website will be the main factor for determining how your site will be ranked.

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